About Sonia Richards

Sonia is also a British Horse Society Instructor. She was sponsored and had several horses. She was a Chief Assessor for the British Horse Society and a list 3 dressage judge. In her late 20′s she developed quite severe back problems and this was how Sonia came to learn and teach the Alexander Technique recognising how well riding and the Alexander technique go together.

Through her work with the technique Sonia became fascinated with how the mind affects the body and so trained as a counsellor gaining her certificate and then diploma in psychodynamic counselling. Finally Sonia decided that she wanted to have a deeper understanding of how the psyche works and also to be able to work with people who may need more than one session per week and so in 2002 Sonia decided to train as a psychoanalyst qualifying in 2008.

In the past, Sonia has worked with corporate clients and at physiotherapy practices in her local area.

Please see for more information on Sonia’s psychodynamic counselling services.

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