Extracts taken from a report by Helene Corrie on ‘Teaching Cancer Patients‘ However much we try to hide it, ‘Cancer’ is a dirty word. People, when they are first given the dreaded diagnosis, experience shock, panic, anger, denial sometimes, but always a... Read More →
Speech therapists work closely with patients, frequently on a one-to-one basis to bring about change. A disorder of speech and language may be developmental or acquired in origin so a therapist works sometimes to educate and sometimes to re-educate. A speech therapist has a... Read More →
Most students enter music conservatories with long-standing inappropriate habits in their manner of using themselves in activity. These habits hamper the smooth operation of postural support systems, which are fundamental to all skilled movements. By learning and applying the... Read More →
Alexander Technique is an alternative therapy used to improve posture. It is proven to be more effective than conventional treatments, according to research published today. How to avoid back pain in the office according to Alexander Technique: DO Sit with an elongated spine and... Read More →
The Ten Commandments If you understand the reasons for working a horse correctly you will be fully aware of how important it is that we also sit on a horse correctly as the reasons for both apply equally. 1. Allow the neck muscles to be free of tension to allow the head to... Read More →
Jan 2004
Stephen Lewis, of Castle Hill, suffered from back pain for 20 years, and falling from the top of his house didn’t exactly help the problem. The accident happened shortly before Stephen and his wife Jackie were due to go on holiday to South Africa, and he was hoping to play... Read More →