Why choose the Alexander Technique?

“ I have noticed noticing a change in my body posture since commencing Alexander Technique lessons with Sonia only 4 sessions ago.  In such a short period of time I feel that the lessons have made a positive difference to the amount of tension I hold in my body and thus my riding, I look forward to continuing with them to see just how much I can improve”

Jacqui Sutton Hoo

I have let go of negative patterns of thinking which affected how I held my body

Margaret, Saxmundham

I never thought after nearly 30 years I would be free from pain

Jenny, Cransford

For many years I had become conscious of leaning to one side and my hands being shaky when picking things up and holding cups of tea. I also needed some more power in my voice. I often thought to myself, ‘Can I do anything to improve myself?’. Over the past ten months Sonia Richards used the Alexander Technique to help me be aware of and work on areas of muscle tension. This has resulted in a noticeable improvement in posture and my hands are less shaky. Also my voice is stronger. My aim is to improve things even further.

Andrew, Aldeburgh

The Alexander Technique puts you in touch with your whole self, through practicing the technique my long term back problem no longer dominates my life, I have fewer migraines and I actually know what it feels like to be relaxed.

Sue, Reading

As a newcomer to the Alexander Technique I feel that after only a few private sessions and several short periods at home listening to the cd, the improvement in my body condition is noticeable. I have been able to play golf and walk without the need for painkillers, which is something that I have not done for several years.

Pauline, Berks

A few years ago I was suffering not only lower back pain from an old injury, but also severe headaches and tension in my shoulders and neck. Due to Sonia and the Alexander Technique I rarely suffer back pain, and when I do, I can now relieve it. I cannot remember the last time I had a tension headache.

Debbie, Reading

After many years of crouching over a desk and PC Sonia has taught me how to relax my body through proper posture. This has enabled me to regain a more relaxed attitude to life. I believe I am also taller. I would thoroughly recommend the Alexander Technique for long lasting improvement.

Val, Berks

To unlearn the bad habits of far too many years takes more than wishing to do so. It takes helping hands. And patience. Both Sonia’s….

Mandy, Berks

I used to think chairs were not designed properly, but now I realise it was me, not the chair that was the problem. Now I can sit in a car, train, or plane for hours on end without getting backache and without having to constantly change position to make myself comfortable.

Jacquie, Reading

Over the past 2 months my patient has had what she describes as a miraculous benefit from The Alexander Technique taught to her by you. Her sleep is improved, her hip pain that was awful is improving. She has now stopped taking anti-inflammatory analgesia. As a surgeon I do not think I could make her any better than her Alexander therapist has already done.

David Harrison – Consultant – Orthopaedic Surgeon

Each year for many years, I was having to take two or three days off work several times in the year when I badly strained my neck/shoulder muscles, resulting in incapacitation. Since starting Alexander Technique lessons, I have experienced very little problem.

Male Alexander Technique Pupil Civil Servant

I would not be living an independent life now as my back would have prevented this. I wish I had discovered the Alexander Technique sooner. I was told that my back was not bad enough to operate on yet. That was at least 15 years ago!

Retired female, 65, STAT Pupil Survey 2006